Monday, August 16, 2010

I WANT YOU back )':

S : I really need you . Im still loving you )':But why you do this to me ? IDK why you leave me -,-I want to know your reason why you leave me ? Dont you know that i really LOVE you ? Please understand me ): . Dont be selfish . You leave me just because of many people like me right ? Yeah , i admit that many people like me , in the same , i never have any feeling or like with others except you S . I never fall in love with others . Im just LOVING you , And you're the only one in my life . TRUST ME ! I never forget you even for a second . I really need you ):
Please understand my feeling . Now its up to you ok whether you want to continue our relation or not . You make your own decision ok . Seriously , im GIVE UP because of you . And i hope i can GET you back , cause i really NEDDYOU )':

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