Friday, July 23, 2010


Im happy with you sayang, You know what , Im always MISSyou , LOVEyou And NEEDyou !
IRRRLY B , Im not just simply say that word , but the reality is IRRRLY . Trust me ! I never fall in love with other GUYS . I just want you in my life . Sometimes you make me hurt , But i still loveyou . And stop for making me hurt anymore . You didnt feel it b ): ,
I want you to know that I needyou all the time , I want you to be my EVERYTHING . I dont know how to say , but i just can say that ILOVEYOUSOMUCH =)
Im afraid of loosing you sha . My love on you never become less , IlOVEYOU since first day you be special person in my life . please , Im begging , dont leave me . IRRNY ! I still remember with all your promise b . HEE .
FYI , You always in my mind sayang , i never forget you even for a second .
You're the only one that ilove so . Im sorry if i do something wrong with you . I didn mean it . But in fact , I do really loveyou sha .
Please be HONEST with me . You know what i mean right . Hmm . Seriously , Im easy to get jealous b . So please dont do that stupid things again . You must remeber that you are MINE okay . ILOVEYOU =)

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