Tuesday, July 27, 2010


14th APRIL 2010 - 27JULY210 * Our realtion !
Im so sory if i do something wrong with you . I really dont know what i've done until you want to BREAK . I fuck that word . Hmm . Now im not HAPPY like before . Seriously i feel like i want to DIE . Im GIVE UP becayse of you ! IRRRLY sha . But why you do like this to me ?

B , you know right that IRRLY ? I cant accept that you do like this to me . Why you make me sad , GIVE up and feel like want to DIE ? Can you tell me ? Btw , thanks ok , cause slame ni you da jge i , and thanks for EVERYTHING . Swear to GOD b , IdoLOVEYOUSOMUCH );I cant forget you b . I think i can STAY with you , but we cant . Our relation until here ! . Its OVER )': ,

Sokay b , i redha je you buat i cmny . Now , i dont have anybody to look after me . And im very SAD , even slame ni you tak CARE BOUT i sgt ,I tk kesah act bnde tu sume , yg penting i nk you ALWAYS with me together . but now , you already LEAVE me ): . B , i ingat you punye PROMISE ok . You see ! Bukan i yg mintak BREAK , you yg mintak BREAK ! You buat hal besar mane pun before this , i tk pena mintak BREAK . I still sabar . IDK la b ! IRRNY in my LIFE ! I hope you HAPPY dgn life you sekarang . Cause now you're FREEDOM and MYRA yg you knal dah tk MENYUSAHKAN you lg . Biar i merane , saket or what , but i nk you HAPPY dgn life you sekarang .I want you remember this word , ILOVEYOUSOMUCH , INEEDYOU back in my LIFE , And i do really MISS YOU )': . Thanks a lot SHA ):

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